4-H Ontario

2017 Message from the Chair

The primary role of the Ontario 4-H Foundation is to raise funds and to manage and grow the Ontario 4-H Endowment Fund to financially support the vision, strategic plans and programs of 4-H in Ontario. The Foundation also supports local 4-H organizations in managing their locally endowed funds for the benefit of 4-H in their communities.
In 2017, the Ontario 4-H Foundation enjoyed record results from our two major fundraising events, Golf-East and Golf-West tournaments. The two tournaments raised the most funds ever due to the enormous support from our golfers, donors, sponsors, 4-H members and leaders and the Agriculture and Food services industry.  A net amount of $78K was generated which will be used to support 4-H activities and programs in Ontario.
The Outreach Committee continues to be supported by a number of 4-H Alumni families making significant contributions through endowed funds or project directed contributions.  At the November Legacy Luncheon, four 4-H families were recognized and honoured for their significant contributions totalling over $100K. All of the earnings from these funds will go to support 4-H in Ontario. The Legacy Leaders are an outstanding group of families who are so appreciative of what 4-H has done for them personally and for their families. Often they refer to how 4-H has taught them personal skills and values, created new networks which they continue to use today, helped provide career choices and established lifelong friendships. We are finding that our 4-H Alumni feel that they have a responsibility to support 4-H so that others can benefit from similar experiences.
We continue to benefit from the multiple opportunities through which people decide to donate. Alumni advise that it is a way to give back to the organization that created so many opportunities for them. Corporate donors, colleges and universities contribute products and services in kind to the 4-H program because they realize that former 4-H members are their premium employees. Many of today’s leaders in the agriculture and food industry and farm organizations were previously 4-H Club members. They want to ensure that the 4-H Legacy continues and so are active in supporting 4-H through their donations and sponsorships.
I would personally like to thank the Ontario 4-H Foundation Board for all of their work and efforts associated with the Legacy Leaders and fundraising activities during the past 12 months. The Board has taken on the 4-H Forever Campaign with great vigour and due to their leadership we will have exceeded our goal of $15K this year. Not only have they contributed hours of their personal time but they have all been significant financial contributors.
The Foundation has a strong working relationship with the Ontario 4-H Council and this past year we have worked together effectively through communication and ongoing dialogue to ensure that the Foundation’s activities are in line with those of  the Council’s working for the overall benefit of 4-H. To learn more about the Ontario 4-H Foundation, I encourage you to speak with a Trustee and invite him or her to speak with your local 4-H Association. Your involvement with the Foundation is always appreciated.
Thank you for your support in 2017 and we look forward to making 2018 another excellent year!
Brian Little, Ontario 4-H Foundation Chair