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Volunteer E-Symposium Conferences

2018 E-Symposium Conferences

Are your Saturdays and evenings busy with commitments? Do you want to engage in learning new skills or gaining new information to support your 4-H volunteer endeavours but can’t give up a Saturday or an entire evening?

4-H Ontario has the answer!

Join an E-Symposium Conference.

E-Symposiums are one-hour conferences with guest speakers covering a variety of topics

Participants will be required to connect via Zoom Conferencing and for maximum engagement have a webcam on their computer. 4-H volunteers are encouraged to ‘computer pool’ and share computer screens.


2018 Schedule of E-Symposium Conferences






February 12

Working Positively with Youth

7-8 p.m.

Join in to learn tips and suggestions on how to engage with youth in your club or event.

March 12

Volunteer Mental Health-

7-8 p.m.

This presentation explores ways to identify mental health issues in yourself and others.

April 9


12-1 p.m.

Insurance is often viewed as restrictive-what can’t be done.  During this presentation find out how insurance enables 4-H activities.

April 9

New Project Releases

7-8 p.m.

Find out what new 4-H project offerings have been released in 2018

October 15

      Learning to Connect with Fair        Audiences

12-1 p.m.

Reality verses Perception-join us and learn how we can help educate others about
4-H and the agriculture industry. 

October 15

4-H Chaperones-Do you know your responsibility

7-8 p.m.

So, you’ve volunteered to be a chaperone. Join this teleconference to learn how you can make this a positive experience for members, parents and you!


Registration via email or telephone is required a minimum of two weeks in advance of each Symposium.

To register, contact your Regional Coordinator Volunteer Support via email or phone


Region 1: region1@4-hontario.ca

Region 2: region2@4-hontario.ca

Region 3: region3@4-hontario.ca

Region 4: region4@4-hontario.ca

Region 5: region5@4-hontario.ca

Region 6: region6@4-hontario.ca


By Telephone: 1.877.410.6748


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