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Welcome to York Region 4-H!




4-H is a grassroots organization of leaders building leaders. 4-H can be found all over the world and is based on the "Learn To Do By Doing" philosophy everywhere. The four H's stand for Head, Heart, Health, and Hands.

In 4-H Ontario, 4-H members range from ages 9-21 and the Cloverbud Program is for ages 6-8. 4-H members learn about different subjects through hands-on activities and mentorship from adult volunteers. The Cloverbud Program focuses on multiple areas to give the members a look into the world of 4-H.

In 4-H members are encouraged to step outside their comfort zone, try something new, to look at the bigger picture, build new friendships, get involved in their community and interact with their environment. These values are highlighted in the 4-H pledge, which is we say at the beginning of each meeting and event.

4-H clubs and activities are designed to help develop leadership skills including public speaking skills, communication, decision making, parliamentary procedure, meeting management and networking. It also educates the members about different subjects. 4-H offers a safe environment and fosters personal growth and development. 

4-H encourages team collaboration, peer-to-peer support, and independent learning. Leaders guide members through activities and provide them with the freedom to make mistakes and assist one another in the learning process.



4-H clubs must have a minimum of six 4-H members and two trained and screened leaders. The leaders choose a topic to teach the members through hands-on learning. The members spend 12 hours or more exploring the theme during the meetings. 4-H members may join as many clubs as they wish for a membership fee of $100.00 per year.



4-H clubs typically get together for six two-hour meetings. The meetings can be in many forms- tours, guest speakers, demonstrations, activities, etc. Some clubs require more time and effort than others. 4-H meetings have a formal meeting time and hands-on learning time. During meetings, 4-H'ers discuss club issues and opportunities while learning parliamentary procedure. After club business finishes, members move onto the hands-on activities focused on the club project topic.

Members MUST participate in at least two-thirds of all club meeting time and participate in the club achievement program to successfully complete the project.



Each 4-H club consists of at least five positions. The roles are President, Vice President, Secretary, Press Reporter, and Photographer(s). Club members vote to elect their peers to these positions. The executive roles provide leadership opportunities for the members.

As the President, the member chairs 4-H meetings.  Members vote using motions and communicating with the leaders regarding agenda items, amongst other duties. At the end of the 4-H year, there is a 4-H Awards Banquet where the President is expected to speak about what their club has done over the past year.

As Vice President, the member fills in if the President is not able to attend the meeting, and will be assigned other tasks that may include introducing and thanking guests and members.

As the Secretary, the member is expected to take notes on what the discussions at each meeting, take attendance, and provide a report at the next meeting. At the end of the year, each club Secretary has an opportunity to enter for the Secretary's Award, presented at the Awards Banquet.

As the Press Reporter, the member is expected to write at least two reports on what the club is doing or what they have done and submit them to either a local paper, the York 4-H newsletter, the York 4-H website, or to the 4-H Ontario website. At the end of the year, each club Press Reporter has an opportunity to enter for the Press Reporter's Award, presented at the Awards Banquet.

As the Photographer, the member(s) is expected to take photos at all meetings and events. They can submit them to the York 4-H newsletter to show what they have done and to 
4-H Ontario if they would like. At the end of the year, each club Photographer has an opportunity to enter for the Photographer's Award, presented at the Awards Banquet.




The 4-H Pledge                                        The 4-H Motto


“ I pledge my Head to clearer thinking,                                 Learn To Do By Doing

My Heart to greater loyalty,

My Hands to larger service,

My Health for better living,

For my club, my community and my country.”

4-H Grace

We thank Thee Lord for blessings great

On this our own fair land

Teach us to serve Thee joyfully

With Head, Heart, Health and Hands

Don’t live on a farm?

Not to worry, 4-H is not just for farm kids. There are a wide variety of clubs for members to join during their 4-H years, including arts & crafts, livestock projects, cooking, hiking, and so much more!

Don’t have a cow, a horse, rabbit, or a sheep, but want to join a livestock club?

Don’t worry, sometimes the animal is provided for you or a host farmer will be just a call away.




A Message from the York 4-H President

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our York 4-H family! In your role as a member you will 'Learn To Do By Doing,' gain fantastic leadership skills and make lifelong friendships. The York 4-H Executive Committee hopes that you will find many of the answers to your questions in this welcome packet. However, if there is anything we've missed, please don't hesitate to ask your 4-H Leader or anyone on the Executive Committee.


Sheila Ducheck

York Region 4-H President



York Region 4-H Executive Committee

President: Sheila Ducheck
Vice President: Sarah Kellington
Past President: Heather McKeown
Treasurer: Matthew Reesor
Data and Membership: Lorrie Bolender
Screening: AnnaLena Seeman
Livestock Co-coordinator: Lieke Hulshof
Association Rep: Carrie Purcell

Directors: Anikka Bolender, Jasmine Walsh and Sonia Smith



Check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/York4H

Follow us on Twitter: @York4H1

For more information about 4-H and 4-H opportunities visit: www.4-HOntario.ca






Here’s What You Need To Know!


As A 4-H Parent

As a parent of a 4-H member, there are some things that are required from you. 4-H is not always a drop and go meeting. Some meetings require parent participation; such as at fairs and tours. While at others, parents can drop-off the member and leave, returning once the meeting is over.

Most meetings have a snack time, usually at the end of the meeting. So members are occasionally asked to volunteer to provide beverages and a snack for the club. Even though the members are the ones volunteering, it usually falls upon the parents to provide the snacks. 

You are not just a parent you are now a chauffeur! Unless you have a member that is old enough to drive themselves to the meeting, you are required to either drive them to and from the meeting or arrange for someone else to do so. Meetings can be all over York Region and neighboring regions, so don't assume that all meetings will be close to you. There are sometimes field trips, tours, fairs, and joint meetings involved in clubs. Carpooling is encouraged if possible.

Fees- There is a fee of $100.00 required upon registering on or before the second meeting. This fee allows any member to join as many clubs as they wish. However, some clubs do have other costs involved. Those costs will be brought up at the club's first meeting. If your child (ren) choose to take part in opportunities offered by Ontario 4-H, such as camps or leadership opportunities, there will be additional costs payable to 4-H Ontario.


As A 4-H Member

You will have the opportunity to do so much more than just join a club. As a member, you can choose to either join 1 or more clubs offered by York Region 4-H. Many of our clubs are connected to local fairs, allowing you to meet members from other associations in Ontario. 4-H Ontario offers many opportunities for members to attend such as camps, conferences, exchanges, and leadership opportunities. All of which provide hands-on, experimental learning activities and fun!  These opportunities range from local, to regional, to the provincial level. You will make lifelong friends that share common interests.

As a member, you MUST participate in at least two-thirds of the club’s meeting times for each club you are in and join the club achievement program to complete the project. Some clubs, such as the dairy club, require a bigger commitment level than others.  







As A Volunteer or Leader

Do you love working with children? Do you have a passion to educate people about leadership and agriculture or life skills? Do you have patience? Do you have a skill that you can teach today’s youth? If so then 4-H needs you!!


A Volunteer:

Without volunteers, 4-H could not operate; there are few things you have to do become either a volunteer or leader. First, you must fill out the 4-H Ontario application online. Then you will receive an email confirming your forms are complete; a police check package is mailed to you, and you will receive a phone call from York 4-H's screening coordinator. Thirdly you must attend an orientation put on by 4-H Ontario. Then York 4-H's screening coordinator will arrange to meet with you and go through your references. Finally, a police check will be done and sent back to 4-H Ontario. Once all these steps are complete, you will receive a written notice from 4-H Ontario and are officially a 4-H volunteer!

Now you can attend 4-H meetings, events, and also fill in as a leader at club meetings as needed. All clubs need two screened leaders if however, one of the leaders is unable to attend you as a screened volunteer may step in as an assistant leader.

You will also need to keep your screening and volunteer training up to date. The 4-H Ontario Region 3 Rep will notify you when you are due for reengagement training and screening.  Both of these elements must be updated every three years.


As A Leader:

If you wish to become a leader, you must go through the same process as any other volunteer. Once you have received your acceptance letter from 4-H Ontario, you can choose a club to lead. Here's the catch, as a new leader in York 4-H Association you must co-lead a club for 1 year with a pre-existing leader.

You will also need to keep your screening and volunteer training up to date. The 4-H Ontario Region 3 Rep will notify you when you are due for reengagement training and screening.  Both of these elements must be updated every three years.

There are no costs involved with being a leader. Each club receives start-up money from the York 4-H executive committee. If extra funds are required, fundraising can cover additional charges.

As a leader, you are giving your personal time to help educate, mentor, and lead the members. You must meet with your co-leader(s) and plan what you are going to teach the members, pick meeting dates and times, choose meeting locations, and organize achievements. You must also attend leader’s meetings held by York 4-H association, sign up day, awards banquet, and other events that your club may attend.