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Dennis Carnegie

President, Ontario 4-H Council Board of Directors

Dennis has a long 4-H history as a member, volunteer, leader and member of the board—both locally and provincially. As a youth, he showed beef cattle for many years, but also participated in many other clubs as well. As a volunteer, he has been a member of the Chatham-Kent Board of Directors for eight years, serving as Vice President and Association Representative.

“I am dedicated and ready to make this type of commitment—giving back to the 4-H program,” he says. “I believe so strongly in 4-H that I want to take this opportunity to continue to encourage the growth and long-term sustainability of this amazing program.”

Dennis has spent two terms on the Provincial Board of Directors as well as two years as the Director-at-Large, also chairing the Resolutions Committee. Outside of 4-H, he’s spent two years as President of the Ridgetown District Ag Society and is an active member of the East Kent Vintage Equipment Club. He feels he will bring a unique set of skills and experiences to his new position as President.

“My wide variety of life experiences have given me knowledge and compassion, allowing me to see the many sides of a story and to look at the big picture,” he says. “Also, having a child with disabilities who is an active member of 4-H has opened my eyes to the inclusive environment that is provided by 4-H. It is an amazing organization.”