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4-H Ontario

The 4-H Difference

4-H Can Happen Anywhere

Not only will you find a strong 4-H presence province-wide, but 4-H clubs can happen anywhere—around a kitchen table, in a community centre, or on a hiking trail. What defines a 4-H club is not where it happens but the people who belong to it. If you have a group of six members, and two trained and screened 4-H volunteers, you have a 4-H club. 

A Unique Approach

Youth need outlets to explore learning beyond the classroom. Most youth appreciate a hands-on approach, and 4-H fully supports this learning style. Our “Learn To Do By Doing” approach is about exploring, making mistakes and learning through physically trying. 4-H’rs choose topics that interest them and the learning possibilities are endless. Youth can learn about chickens, frisbee, and sewing all within one program!

A Strong History

For 100 years in Ontario, 4-H has been known for building leadership, life skills and community involvement. The roots of the 4-H program were farm-focused and directed at the development of rural youth. Over the last century, the program has evolved to engage youth from all areas. 

4-H clubs focus on a wide array of issues pertinent to today’s youth. 4-H is recognized across the globe as a program that teaches essential skills for youth to become proactive forces within their communities. In fact, the 4-H movement can be found in approximately 80 countries.