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By sharing your 4-H story you will help grow the recorded history of 4-H in Ontario.  Every 4-H Alumni story makes 4-H in Ontario stronger. Your story is sure to inspire fellow Alumni and future 4-H’rs. Take a moment to read some of the stories below, and share your own 4-H story.

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A Collection of Alumni Stories

A 4-H Icon - Bert Stewart

When you’re talking about someone who epitomizes everything that 4-H stands for, the name Bertram (Bert) Stewart quickly comes to mind. Bert and his family have been a part of every level of 4-H and the agricultural community throughout their lives.

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Joan - A Temiskaming 4-H Alumnus

Joan was involved in 4-H for 58 years and it had a tremendous impact on her life. "58 years later brings us to 2012. I look back over those years and think of the leadership role in which I have participated. The seeds were planted in my mind back at that conference that led me to become an elementary teacher, 4-H Leader and community leader."

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Russel Dickout 

There are many service clubs and organizations who support 4-H year after year. The Ingersoll Kiwanis Club is a 4-H supporter and their contributions were near and dear to Russel Dickout.  This Club has been sponsoring the 4-H Calf Dairy Club since 1941; that’s an amazing 71 years of support! These local clubs and organizations make it possible to provide 4-H’rs with unique Club opportunities such as field trips or Club materials. Thank you to Russel for sharing his story. It’s wonderful to see first hand accounts of how the supporters of 4-H have influenced the 4-H experience.

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Doug Osborn

Doug Osborn is an individual who is truly admired for his community involvement and leadership skills. A devoted father with a son and daughter in their early twenties, Doug works as a leading Millwright and has volunteered for various community efforts, including being a Scout leader and a Tai Chi instructor. But for Doug it all started with 4-H.

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Mel and Shirley Chamberlain

Mel and Shirley grew up in Peterborough County and were both 4-H Members and Leaders; 4-H was a big part of both of their lives. This 4-H couple met while square dancing. “We decided to be square-dancing partners,” Shirley explains, “and we still square dance together today.”

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Shirley King

Shirley King, of Lindsay, Ontario, has a lifetime of dedication to 4-H. Shirley was a Volunteer for 45 years and lead 87 Club projects. An amazing feat of contribution. When Shirley describes what 4-H means to her, she says simply, “It was my life.”

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Heather Hargrave

Heather has been involved in 4-H, one way or another, for most of her life. Her family owns an angus cattle farm in Maxwell, Ontario which is how she got started showing cattle."It was nice to have friends that didn’t think I was crazy for getting up at 4 a.m. on a weekend to go to a fair."

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Lynda Shaw and Eleanor Lennox

Lynda and Eleanor met through 4-H more than 55 years ago and their chance encounter blossomed in to a beautiful friendship that has been a cornerstone in their lives. "Our friendship is just totally special. You can get by in life without a lot of things but you can’t get by without your friends.”

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Dwight Blok

RCMP Officer, Dwight Blok was a 4-H Member in the District of Cochrane South. At the time, Dwight didn't realize the impact 4-H would have on his life. Looking back, 4-H was the foundation for his fantastic career. "Throughout my career in the RCMP so much of what 4-H stands for and holds true came forth years later and played a central role in many activities and programs that I’ve participated in and lead. Little did I realize then, but all those things that I experienced at a young age in 4-H became my foundation for a career that no one could have fully predicted in the 1970’s!"

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Anne Arksey

Anne was both a 4-H Member and Volunteer during her tenure with 4-H. Like many 4-H’rs across Ontario, the program had a big impact on Anne’s life. "4-H developed a sense of responsibility, and commitment.  The expectations were high for our behavior and our attention to detail in everything we did – from our record books, conducting meetings, to our completed project.  We always looked forward to 4-H evenings – especially the ones where we learned to cook or bake and we got to sample the food!"

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Beth and Scott Wilson

Beth and Scott met at 4-H Ontario’s Provincial Leadership Camp in March of 1987. After meeting through 4-H, Beth and Scott have been married for 20 years this year and they have three amazing children together. “We’re very thankful that 4-H was able to bring us together. I just can’t imagine being married to anyone else other than my best friend."

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Brian Carscadden

This 4-H Alumnus now works for Semex, a world-renowned bovine genetics company, as a Sire Analyst. He developed an interest in judging, analysis and sire acquisitions after being exposed to the industry through 4-H, his work on his parent’s farm and industry role models. “To be successful in my field you have to have a good knowledge of the industry, good knowledge of what a good cow should look like, as well as strong communication and people skills,” Brian explains. “Early on in my 4-H career we had to do demonstrations. My brother and I were taken under the wing of an older 4-H’r and we were very successful with it [demonstrations]. That early experience of having to stand in front of people and speak really shaped who I am today and I truly believe that.”

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