Community Involvement Club with the Bell Homestead – Online and virtual

Community Involvement Club with the Bell Homestead – Online & Virtual

Have you ever wondered how a museum runs – day to day operations, exchanges between museums, thinking like a curator -working with the Homestead’s Educational Co-ordinator and the Curator. This is your opportunity to learn more and get behind the ropes of a working museum! We will still focus on learning the history of the Bell Homestead – working on presentation of the room for tour day*We will work towards the tours at the Edwardian Tea in early May 2021 – * if restrictions of Covid allows us. Take advantage of this opportunity to be a part of such an important asset in our community and have earned a great partnership with the Bell Homestead and Brant 4-H. Come out and join our dedicated members, as well as meet our mascot – Platty!!!

Meetings will start mid to late January – virtually & online. Watch for more details – Leaders Lesleigh Elgie & Elaine Elgie.

To join please email Elaine at sled1@sympatico.ca