4-H Ontario website updates : December 5 - 6


Virtual Careers Club starting late March 2022!

What will we be learning about?

  1. Understand features of the current labour market
  2. Prepare to be a part of the current labour market
  3. Learn job searching strategies
  4. Review interview techniques
  5. Gain an appreciation for the work required to find a meaningful career
  6. Realization that a person may have more than one career in their lifetime
  7. Learn the proper use of parliamentary procedure
  8. Develop communication, leadership and critical thinking skills

Club Meeting dates:
Tuesday’s – March 22, 29, April 5, 12
Thursday’s – April 21, 28
Achievement – Tuesday May 10

Zoom meetings 6 to 8 pm

Jane Lawton

Nancy Havens

Jenna Havens