C-K Dairy

Proposed Meeting Dates as of 4-H Rally Night – note these dates maybe altered slightly


Meeting #1 – March 29th – Emmanuel Congregational Church, Ridgetown– 7:30pm – 4-H business and opportunities, elections and at least one parent needs to be there for the first meeting to outline expectations and complete registration forms


Meeting #2-#7 – dates to be determined

• As you can appreciate, the pandemic has made it difficult to plan
• This year our 4-H meetings will be in person (one meeting each month with a different county) and will be shared with dairy 4-H members from Essex, Lambton, Elgin and Middlesex County– it’s an opportunity to meet new 4-H members and visit different dairy operations in southwestern Ontario
• We are trying to avoid any Zoom meetings and provide a safe environment outside where the kids can meet to face to face with other 4-H members
• There will also be a meeting with Dr. Paul Luimis, University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus at the Ridgetown Fairgrounds in July where he will provide a hands on meeting sharing his knowledge of the cows digestive system
• We are also expecting that there will be a Judging Night as long as we have the support of the Ridgetown Campus – date to be determined
• Once we can finalize the meeting dates, we will certainly share those with you


Achievement Day

• We have yet to finalize the details of Achievement Day.  We will share the details once they are available to us


Club Fees- There possibly could need a club fee collected but this is undetermined as of Rally Night.


Additional Opportunities for Experienced Members

Youth Leaders – If you are over 15 and interested in being a Youth Leader, please contact a leader before March 1st.  We will work with you to get the required training and develop a plan for you to lead.


Suggested Events-these are not mandatory, but are excellent learning opportunities and shows.  Please double check dates and locations.

• Participate in Western Junior Show – Woodstock – July 14 & 15th – Woodstock Fairgrounds
• Participate in East Gen – Stratford – July 7 & 8th


Leaders – Please contact leaders Rob or Janice if you have questions at contact info below.

Janice Anderson

Rob Reid