Message to 4H Members and Families from Haldimand 4H President

Message to Haldimand 4H Members & Families

To our 4H Members and their families,

First, the Haldimand 4H Association would like to thank you for your understanding and support during the 2020 year of 4H.  No one could have predicted when we held Sign-Up Day back in February that this was the way our 4H Year was going to turn out and that we would have so many clubs unable to go ahead. For those of you that decided to participate in the clubs that were able to go ahead virtually, and the two livestock clubs that also managed to go ahead with a different look then they normally would, we thank you for your patience while we learned a new way to go ahead with programming.  It was definitely a year of “Learn to Do by Doing”.

We just wanted to update you about our 2021 year.  As of right now we are still in a place of not knowing what the next few months have in store. Due to this, we have decided that until we have some idea of the restrictions that may or may not be in place next year that we do not want to rush into any decisions about 2021.  We have decided to not hold Sign-Up Day in February like we normally would.  We are going to put off Sign-Up Day until possibly April when we have a better idea of where we will be.  When we have decided on a date for Sign-Up and the clubs that we will be running, we will make sure to send out a newsletter as well as brochures to all of you with all the information about the Clubs and Sign-Up Day.  We have been discussing the possibility of virtual, as well as a combination of virtual and in-person meetings, as well as our traditional in-person clubs as possibilities depending on the state of the pandemic at that time in 2021. As well 4H Ontario is going to be offering online registration starting next year. We would like to suggest that you not register with 4H Ontario until you have received our information regarding 4H in Haldimand in 2021. Note * The fee that you pay to 4H Ontario is non-refundable after you have registered online and paid.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions to Stacy Barnes, Haldimand 4H President at stacytonerbarnes@yahoo.com or by phone at 905 772 5790