Needlework Club

Niagara Needlework 1
Donations to local hospital

Club Members have learned to crochet in the past few years.

2021 will be a new adventure in Needlework. We did a sample project in December with a Cross-stitch Candy Cane Ornament.

The basics of Cross-stitch and Embroidery will be the lessons this year, with a project sampler of the member’s design.

Our first meetings of the year will be starting in February using Zoom. We have had relatively good success in teaching in 2020 so think that this will translate in 2021. Project works will be geared to experience and age. But watch out parents, we have a few members who have learned basic skills and taken on projects far beyond our expectations and our abilities as leaders.

The first meeting will be posted shortly. Signup with 4-H Niagara in the link.

If you have any questions about the club please do not hesitate to contact either of the leaders.

Brenda Gilchrist gilchrist7320@outlook.com
Jen Pilzecker jpilzecker@outlook.com