2021 Norfolk 4-H Information for Border-Hoppers

Norfolk 4-H Logos

For Border-Hoppers already registered with 4-H Ontario through another 4-H Association

who would like to join Norfolk 4-H clubs:

For 2021, there is a one-time $5.00 border-hopper fee, payable before you sign up for Norfolk 4-H clubs.

Payment is accepted by e-transfer.

Please follow these steps so we can be sure we receive your payment and know that it’s from you:

  1. Call or text our Treasurer, Vivian Adam, at 226-231-0259 to let her know you’re sending an e-transfer.
  2. Provide Vivian with your name, phone number, membership number and home 4-H Association.
  3. Send the e-transfer to Norfolk4h.membershipfee@outlook.com