Norfolk 4H Cloverbuds

Leaders: Vivian Adam, Christine Docker, Erin Andrews


Contact information: Vivian Adam 226-231-0259 vivian.adam@hotmail.com


Club description: A taste of the 4-H experience for ages 6-8. Come out and learn to do by doing in a safe, fun environment!


Meeting information: Monday and Thursday nights 6:30-8:00pm

** With the current lockdown CloverBuds will start with online meetings**

February 8th

February 15th

March 1st

March 18th

April 5th

April 22nd

May 3rd

May 20th

June 7th

June 17th

July 5th

July 22nd

August 9th

August 19th

August 30th

September 16th

October 21st

October 25th

November 1st

November 18th


Achievement: Judging Day


Livestock/animals: We visit rabbits, chickens, ducks, cows and horses