2022 Dairy Calf Club

Norfolk 4-H Dairy Calf Club

This project (and the dairy industry) is about more than just milk.  In this club, you will learn about the different dairy breeds, feeding and taking care of heifer calves and looking at new and innovative dairy farming practices.  You will also train a heifer calf to lead on a halter and prepare it for a show.  This club takes a lot more time and effort than the regular 6 meetings.

Achievement is showing your calf on Thanksgiving Monday at the Norfolk County Fair.

The club does 2 fundraisers (Strawberry Open House at Meadow Lynn Farms and Appreciation Day at the Simcoe Farmers’ Market).  You are required to participate in at least one.

We hope we’re able to have our achievement and fundraisers this year, but they will be dependent on any COVID-19 restrictions at the time.

You have to find your own dairy heifer calf to train (ask a neighbouring farmer ?)  If shows do take place this year, you will need to have a white shirt, white pants, dark shoes/boots and a matching belt.

Planned club start date is April 2022.

Leaders are:

Sharon & Fred Judd – E-mail:  Judd@kwic.com  Phone:  519-771-5621

Anna van der Steege – E-mail:  Friesian72@gmail.com  Phone:  226-567-6811

Lorraine Vogel