Northumberland Vet Club

Meeting 1

We are so excited to have kicked off the Northumberland 4H Veterinary Club for this year.  On Wednesday, 19 members met.  Our club consists of 15 seniors and 4 juniors. We began the meeting with introductions and elections and then we each shared what we would like to learn if we are able to meet in person again. This was followed by a conversation about wildlife centers in the area and we learned most wildlife babies do not need to be rescued unless they are injured. Dr. Kathy then shared a story about a hawk that grabbed a squirrel from her yard. We are all looking forward to our next meeting on Wednesday, May, 26.

Meeting 2

The Northumberland 4H Veterinary Club had our second meeting on Wednesday, May 26! We began the meeting with an incredible discussion with guest speaker Dr. Rick Axelson, the owner of Links Road Animal and Bird Clinic. We learned how Dr. Rick came to care for exotic pets and that Links Road Animal and Bird Clinic now has weekend emergency care. After Dr. Axelson’s visit we each shared a bit about a disease we researched prior to the meeting that affected an exotic animal. We are looking forward to our next meeting in June.

Meeting 3

The Northumberland 4-H Veterinary club had our third meeting on Wednesday, June, 23. We were so thankful to have had Dr. Lindsay McMillan come to speak to us about her journey to become a Veterinarian along with her experiences in the field. After speaking with Dr. Lindsay we each shared a few points on an ailment affecting Ontario dairy cattle which we had researched before the meeting. We are hoping to have our next meeting in person in July!

Meeting 5

The Northumberland 4-H Veterinary club had our fifth meeting on Wednesday, July, 28. We were excited to be able to meet together in person! We began the meeting by having each member share an adaption an animal has developed to help it survive in its environment. After this groups took turns judging a class of PPE and dissecting the respiratory and reproductive systems of a heifer.  We would like to thank Hays Custom Cutting for supporting our club with their donation. We are all looking forward to our next meeting.

Meeting 6

The Northumberland 4H Veterinary Club was excited to meet in person once again for our 6th meeting.  During our time together, we each shared information about the characteristics that make a species of our choosing unique.  Dr. Kathy taught us how to perform a physical exam on one of the horses located at the farm we visited.  We also had a chance to learn how to do sutures by practicing on bananas.  We also explored the farm and met lots of animals.

To finish off the evening, a few members of our club presented their year-end projects.  We look forward to the rest of the presentations that will take place during our final meeting!