South Simcoe Cloverbuds Club

This club has completed the 2022 season.

Cloverbuds doing the identification quiz at a meeting

This was the seventh year for Cloverbuds in South Simcoe. The Cloverbud club had meetings that  covered a variety of topics. There was in person and online meetings this year which covered topics such as dairy cattle, rabbits, gardening, crafts, games and lots more fun activities.

First Meeting: April 14th

Second Meeting: May 19th

Third Meeting: June 16th

Fourth Meeting: July 26th

Fifth Meeting: August 11th

Sixth Meeting: October 4th


In person meeting
Oct 04 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Age Range:6-8 years of age as of December 31, 2021. Members need to have paid their fees, completed all required forms, participate in a minimum of 2/3 hours of meeting time and participate in the club achievement day program. Members will need technology and internet access. Members will need access to multiple different items and accessories such as microwave, computer, kitchen utensils, bowls and access to the outdoors. Club meets once a month on a Tuesday evening online to start moving to in person once able to do this safely.

* Trish Downey

Tamara Fisher-Cullen

Stephanie French

Marieke Patton