4-H Ontario website updates : December 5 - 6

South Simcoe Financial Fitness Club

Achievement Day was on September 12th. This club has completed the 2022 season.

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Money plays a big part in our lives and money skills are an important part of navigating through life! Through discussions , activities and talking to guest speakers we learned about money management, short, mid and long term goals. We discussed how money and finances affect us everyday and influence our future.

Meeting 1. April 11th

Meeting 2. May 9th

Meeting 3. June 13th

Meeting 4. July 11th

Meeting 5. August 15th

Meeting 6. September 12th

Achievement Day: September 12th


Online via Zoom
Sep 12 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Age Range:9-21 years of age as of December 31,2021. Member will have to have paid their membership fees, completed all required forms, participate in 2/3 of all meetings and participate in the club achievement day program. You will need a calculator, technology and access to internet connection. Club will meet on line starting early spring once a month on a Monday. Online and in person once able to do this safely. Members may continue remotely if preferred.

* Jennifer Bell

Tamara Fisher-Cullen