South Simcoe Go For The Gold

Achievement Night was Monday, August 8th. Regional Competition was Sunday, August 28th. Club has completed the 2022 season and is looking for more leaders for 2022 season.

Members getting ready for the competition at a meeting

Members tested their knowledge of their favourite 4-H clubs and learned about new 4-H clubs and opportunities in an exciting trivia game format for 2022 season!  This club members learned how to research, create and answer a variety of questions based on general knowledge and 4-H Ontario clubs/events. Members worked together to improve communication and trivia knowledge by answering Go for The Gold practice questions. Members  learned what a 4-H Go for the Gold competition feels like in a supportive and fun way. No previous knowledge was required.  This club placed third at the Regional Go for the Gold Competition in 2022!

Meeting one: Monday June 27th – in person at Trish Downey’s

Meeting two: Monday July 4th – online (with Wellington 4-H GFTG senior members)

Meeting three: Thursday July 14th – in person at Tamara Cullen’s

Meeting four: Thursday July 21st – in person

Meeting five: Thursday July 28th – in person

Meeting six: Monday August 8th – in person

Achievement Night: Monday August 8th – in person

Regional Competition: Sunday August 28th









In person meeting
Aug 28 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Age Range:9-21 years of age as of December 31, 2021. Members need to have paid their membership fees, completed all required forms, attend a minimum of 2/3s of the meeting time and participate in the achievement day program. Members should have technology and internet connection.

* Tamara Fisher-Cullen

KImberly Kolb

Trish Downey