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The Cloverbud Program

Can plastic be made out of milk? How can an apple tell us how much land is used for agriculture? Have you ever grazed like a cow, or made a vegetable skeleton? Get the answers with the Cloverbud Program!
The Cloverbud Program is a hands-on, activity-based program for youth aged 6–8 (as of December 31st, 2018), covering a variety of topics, including agriculture, food, crafts, lifeskills, the environment and science. Cloverbuds get a taste for the topics in 4-H projects and understanding of 4-H values. The program provides many opportunities to “Learn To Do By Doing”. 
There are three (3) distinct years of Cloverbud Program materials. Each year of programming contains 24 units, with each unit covering a different topic. Youth participating in Cloverbuds for three years could cover 72 topics!
Cloverbud participants pay a membership fee to take part in the program — similar to traditional 4-H membership fees. To successfully complete a year as a Cloverbud, youth must finish a minimum of just 4 units, a total of 8 hours. However, participants can take as many units as are offered by Cloverbud leaders — up to 24 units!
If you’re interested in leading a Cloverbud program in your area, or if you would like to know if there is an active Cloverbud program in your Association, contact your local Coordinator, Volunteer Support, or the 4-H Ontario office at 1.877.410.6748. 


"The kids are just so excited to be doing something new and to learn about the topics and participate. It makes planning the meetings really easy and fun!”

- April Sloan, Grenville 4-H Volunteer


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