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Stormont Heritage Poultry Club Mtg1

April 17, 2019 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
15399 Cooper Rd, Lunenburg

Association(s): Stormont 4-H

Heritage Poultry: 

 This club is for members interested in learning about different breeds of Heritage Poultry that have been in Canada for 50 years or more. The purpose of our club is to bring back awareness of many breeds of poultry that have become less popular, somewhat lost or unknown. These include the Canadian Chantecler, Bantam Silver Laced, and Gold Laced Wyandottes, Bantam Modern Game, Russian Orloff, and the Mistral Gris. We will also include fancy breeds, such as the Silkie. 
 Chicks will be hatched and donated by the leaders but there may be an additional cost to members for brooder boxes that members will build.
Members will be learning about poultry breeds, their care, housing, and showmanship.  

 Achievement, members will show their poultry in front of a panel of judges during the Stormont County Fair, Sunday Sept 1. 

Please note kids are required to raise at least 3 chicks, to chickens that will be donated to the club. And questions please email at :

Leaders of the club are:
Yvonne Seeley
Deborah Mcchesney
Justin brooks-whetter
Kayla Manley
Fred Stewart

The meeting dates are as listed, the location will vary and we will announce at each prior meeting.

Wednesday, April 10 > changed to April 17
Wednesday, May 8
Wednesday, May 22
Wednesday, June 5
Wednesday, June 19
Wednesday, July 10
Wednesday, July 24
Wednesday, Aug 7
Wednesday, Aug 28
Achievement Day is the Stormont County Fair, Sunday at 4 pm

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