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Stormont Social Dance 2020 Mtg1

October 6, 2019 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Crysler Recreation Hall

Association(s): Stormont 4-H

Club DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH MEMBERS TO CONTINUE. Future planned meetings have been removed from the 4H Calendar.

The Stormont 4H Social Dance Club successfully completed its first season this summer. Participants had a good time dancing the Triple Swing. Most of the dancers expect to return to the club this fall.

The Stormont 4H Social Dance Club's fall project will be to learn the Cha Cha, an energetic up-beat dance that easily matches popular songs and latin music. Learn more about the Cha Cha here on YouTube - https://youtu.be/K478A5TX5Rs.  

The Stormont 4H Social Dance Club will meet on Sundays from 1.30 pm to 3 pm, at the TBO hall at the south end of the Crysler Recreation Park, beside the ball diamond, access by Concession Street West. We start on Sunday, Oct 6th, skip Thanksgiving weekend, resume on Oct 20th, and run to Dec 15th, giving us 10 meetings, total 15 hours. An achievement day will be scheduled in December or January in consultation with the participants. 

There is no cost to participate in the dance club, other than the annual 4H membership fee. The 2020 annual cycle of 4H membership fees starts on December 1st. Since the Social Dance club will complete its project and achievement day in December, then participants will need to pay their 2020 Stormont 4H membership fee of $65 for returning members and $100 for new members. The annual fee gives access to clubs and activities finishing in December and throughout 2020.  

The Social Dance Club welcomes boys and girls aged 10 to 21. Dress code is casual. The preferred footwear is a closed dress shoe with a leather or hard non-stick sole. Avoid running shoes, slippers, sandals, and
anything with a soft sole.   

We really want more boys to participate. Here is a little secret: many girls prefer boys who know how to dance! 

The Social Dance 4H Club leaders are Tom Manley and Jessica Last. For more information and to reserve your spot in Stormont's Social Dance 4H Club, please contact Tom Manley. 

Tom Manley
Berwick, Ontario
www.tommanley.ca [1] 

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