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Information for 4-H Volunteers Regarding Return to In-Person Activities

4-H Ontario, 4-H Ontario | (Posted July 9, 2020)

Information for 4-H Volunteers Regarding Return to In-Person Activities

Please read this entire package thoroughly. It contains information and requirements that 4-H youth and families must comply with in order to resume in-person activities when it is safe to do so. This package outlines the steps that will be required before in-person 4-H activities can resume.

Thank you for your patience during the COVID-19 pandemic. The past few months have been challenging for many of us. Thank you to all the 4-H volunteers who enthusiastically joined and supported pivoting the 4-H program to virtual platforms-you have helped keep our 4-H program strong!

The province continues to re-open and increase numbers for social gatherings. We are closer to being able to resume in-person 4-H activities, but we are not there yet.
Until an area is in Phase 3 of A Framework for Reopening our Province, in-person 4-H activities continue to be suspended. The health and safety of our 4-H families is our priority.

This package contains:

 Key Information for 4-H Volunteers and 4-H Event Organizers:
  • The health of 4-H youth, families, volunteer leaders and staff remain our priority.
  • All 4-H stakeholders must demonstrate consideration and caution amidst this changing situation.
  • Meetings and events must be planned with the health and safety of all participants as priority.
  • 4-H volunteers and event organizers must ensure all local and provincial Public Health regulations are implemented and followed.
  • Resuming in-person programming is voluntary for all 4-H youth and volunteers. Respect must be given to youth/parents/guardians and volunteers who wish to opt out of attending in-person events. Should youth or their parents/guardians opt not to attend in-person activities due to COVID 19, attendance will not be a factor in determining project completion.
  • 4-H insurance will be in place for sanctioned 4-H activities; however, 4-H Ontario is not liable for any COVID-19 related illnesses.
  • As per public health guidelines, masks/face shields are required when physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • In the coming days more resources including COVID-19 related health and safety signage for club leaders. You can find out more here: https://4-hontario.ca/online

It is understood that not all clubs will be able to operate under these guidelines set out by 4-H Canada and Public Health units. 4-H Ontario will continue to move forward with virtual learning opportunities, and these resources will continue to be made available to 4-H volunteers.

Discussions regarding resuming in-person activities must include all club leaders and decisions are to be communicated to all 4-H families as outlined in the ‘Return to In-person 4-H Activity Form. 4-H families will also need to be made aware of compliance requirements for attending and participating in 4-H in-person activities.

All 4-H families will be required to read and agree to the ‘Assumption of Risk and Waiver’ (available at this link: ) before 4-H youth and volunteers can attend a 4-H meeting or activityFamilies with shared custody of a 4-H youth will require both parents’ acknowledgement, which means both parents will need to complete the Assumption of Risk and Waiver. The confirmation email(s) outlining proof of receipt by 4-H Ontario must be shown to the designated 4-H club leader and marked in the attendance records.

We understand that these are trying times and that returning to in-person activities requires extra planning to address the health and safety of all 4-H participants. We ask for your cooperation as we continue to move through this challenging and unprecedented time.
Links: Return to In-Person Program Requirements
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          Assumption of Risk and Waiver: Coronavirus/COVID-19

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