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Announcement to 4-H Associations, May 4, 2020

4-H Ontario, 4-H Ontario | (Posted May 4, 2020)

4-H Ontario recognizes and appreciates the actions 4-H Associations and Volunteers across the province are taking to provide a 4-H experience to participants. You are all living the 4-H Motto “Learn To Do By Doing” with every new action you take to make 4-H a constant in young people’s lives right now. Thank you!

With the generous support of Beef Farmers of Ontario, 4-H Ontario is pleased to announce that funding will be available to local Associations to assist in your delivery of the 4-H program during this difficult time with COVID-19 and the suspension of in person activities as advised by the Government of Ontario’s State of Emergency. For example, you could purchase a license to virtual platforms (i.e. zoom, skype, GoToMeetings, Google Classrooms, teleconference, bell conferencing, etc.). There are many opportunities for virtual activities - if you are using a free platform you could consider something like a Kahoot! Online trivia system, to add more resources to your toolbox.

To receive these funds, in the amount of $60, please send an email outlining how your Association will use these to support their virtual offerings to Marianne at programming@4-hontario.ca by May 15th. Associations that have submitted information, by May 15th, will have the funds e-transferred to their Association account by May 29th. All Associations using these funds will be required to provide proof of payment, for whatever option you choose to use, by July 30, 2020.

Thank you, Beef Farmers of Ontario, for your innovative support to move the 4-H Program 4Ward.

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