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Celebrate Canada’s Agriculture Day on Twitter with 4-H Canada!

(Posted February 15, 2017)

February 16, 2017, is the first ever Canada’s Agriculture Day, and what better way to get involved in sharing the positive story of Canadian agriculture that on social media! From 8:00pm to 9:15 pm on #CdnAgDay, share your thoughts and ideas on Twitter through 4-H Canada's #4HChatsCdnAg Tweetchat. Make sure you follow @4HCanada on Twitter and start thinking of answers to the questions we will be posting:

Q1: How are you celebrating #CdnAgDay in your community?

Q2: What about Canada’s 150 years of agriculture makes you most proud?

Q3: What is one thing you think would surprise most Canadians about agriculture in Canada today?

Q4: Finish this thought “Sustainable Agriculture means…”

Q5: What innovation can you think of for the future of Canadian agriculture?

Share your thoughts and ideas as we celebrate 150 years of Canadian Agriculture, talk about important topics and innovations, and look to a vibrant and thriving future for Canada’s agriculture community. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.



I've never done a Tweetchat before - is there anything I need to know? 

It’s simple, really. When you log on to Twitter, search #4HChatsCdnAg and make sure you click the “latest” tab at the top of the page. Now you can see what everyone is saying.

Make sure you introduce yourself! We are excited to know who is adding their voice to the conversation.

We will post one question every 10 minutes, giving plenty of time for answers and discussion. When you are answering a question, make sure you indicate which one (Q1, Q2…) and use the #4HChatsCdnAg hashtag every time so that we can keep track and moderate.

Be respectful. We love hearing different perspectives, and we want this to be a positive way to celebrate Canadian agriculture and share ideas.

Speak up! This is an awesome way to contribute your voice and we can’t wait to hear what you have to say!  

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