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Perth Wins GFTG!

(Posted November 16, 2017)

Perth 4-H Association are this year's winners of the Go For The Gold competition.

The championship game came down to Perth vs. Halidmand, with Perth claiming the victory by a final score of 150-130.

Perth had a successful day overall as well, going 4-1 during the round robin games.

Final Standings:

1st place – Perth County

Team Members:  Caitlyn McKercher, Emily Royce, Chris Stevers, Evan Van Beek.  Coaches Jessie Nyland & Brent Royce

2nd place – Haldimand

Team Members: Andrew Huitema, Jason Huitema, John Huitema, Ben Warbick, Nick Warbick,. Coaches Karen Allen & Cindy Huitema

3rd place – Middlesex

Team Members: Kody Chowen, Danielle Farquharson, Ben Fluttert, Christena Jenkins-Giffen, Hamish McDonald,. Coaches Laurie Farquharson & David Giffen 

4th place – Kawartha Lakes-Haliburton

Team Members: Logan Dwyer, April-Jean Hickson, Nathan Jetten, Samantha Kennedy, Harrison Stoddart. Coaches Matt English & Sylvia Stoddart

5th place – Sudbury

Team Members: Hannah Ethier, Jena Ethier, Meaghan Ethier, Jessica Leonard, Austin Pavan. Coaches Wayne & Paulette Macdonald

6th place – Grenville

Team Members: Andrew Ferguson, Joe Scott, Megan Thompson, Sarah Walsh. Coaches Christine Routliffe & Amy Wilson





Perth: L to R, Jessie Nyland, Coach; Caitlyn McKercher; Emily Royce; Evan Van Beek; Chris Stevers; Brent Royce, Coach




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