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Canning Club Meeting Summary

Submitted by HollyRose DaPonte-McCracken
Essex 4-H - 4-H Canning
(Posted March 9, 2013)

Hear all about it. We started off by all introducing ourselves. Welcome to our new members and our returning canners. Our first meeting took place Mar. 5/13 at the Essex Civic Centre. Our leaders, Sue Morris, BobbiSue Diemer and Kelli Kirkpatrick started it running with a great turn out. Voting was held and the results are:

President: Hannah Costa

Vice President: Sammi Witney

Press Reporter: HollyRose DaPonte McCracken

Secretary: Cassi Witney

Treasurers: Shyann Kirkpatrick, Emily Reid, Chyenne Mailloux.

Congraulations to all of you! The club next discussed our summer plans. Discussion was done on possibly selling our canning goods, Canada Day, July 1 in Woodslee, which is coming up fast, robins are already here and the ice is practically gone. Harrow Fair was also talked about (Aug.29-Sept.1). Theme at Harrow being "Chick it out". Remember too, Leamington Fair, (June 14,15,16) and Comber (Aug. 9,10,11). More canning involvement there would be awesome. So folks, look for us and try our goods.

Everyone was asked to think, think, think of a club name, gather up recipes, dust off jars and of course..round up ingredients for our next meeting. Meeting will be held on Mar.14/13, 11-4pm at the Woodslee United Church. It will be here that our club will commence "canning" yahoo! Many thanks to the United Church for letting our 4-H canners do our canning best there.

In ending, remember canners, keep journals (title page), try your best and can your best.

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