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Exchange planning...looking at our community for inspiration

Submitted by Maddie Peters
Essex 4-H - 4-H Exchange Club
(Posted June 11, 2012)

On Thursday, June 7th the 4-H Exchange Club had their 3rd meeting at the Essex Civic Centre at 7:00pm. We started our meeting with the 4-H pledge followed by Megan reading her secretary's report. Abby then read the treasurers report.

After all the business was done, we were introduced to a new member of our club, Clarissa. We told her something about ourselves too. Then our leader Kim told us the name of the kids we will be paired up with in Saskatchewan! We also discussed our upcoming fundraisers, like at the Leamington Fair on the 15, 16 and 17th where we will be selling jumbo freezies, ice cream sandwiches and bottled water. We would like to thank the Harrow Shoppers Drug Mart for generously donating the water we will be selling.

We were then assigned into groups according to what town we are from. We made lists of the fun places and activities from our town that we would like to show our Saskatchewan group. With the whole group involved, we then narrowed them down into our favourites, and included the ideas on our schedule for the week.

Our homework for this week was to make a project about ourselves to send to our 'twin'. It was to include a picture of us and a few facts about ourselves like our age, favourite things, 4-H clubs, pets etc.

To wrap up our meeting we had cupcakes to celebrate my birthday! The next meeting will be Monday June 18th at 7:00pm.

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