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4-H Club go Shop Hopping!

Submitted by Halle Horn
Perth 4-H - 4H Quilting and Crochet Club
(Posted October 14, 2018)

On Saturday, May 5, 2018 the North Perth Quilting and Crochet Club participated in the shop hop. With members working diligently to finish the touch quilts, this meeting was dedicated to learning about different types of quilts and fabrics. With five quilting shops and a butter tart along the way, the day was filled with beauty and new ideas. Seeing all the different patterns and sewing projects each store had to offer was a great experience for club members and the day dedicated for this meant the purchase of projects as well. Members of the club were recognized by other participants and shop owners by the yellow scavenger hunt pages the club leaders had provided. When asked the day was labelled as a success.

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