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Carp and West Carleton 4-H Clubs Come Together To Introduce Barn Quilts To Avid 4-H'ers

Submitted by Kaitlin Cavanagh
Carleton 4-H - Carp & West Carleton Barn Quilt Club
(Posted April 7, 2013)

Have you ever driven by a barn with a huge geometric painting on the side symbolizing a tradition or history from the barn or property it is constructed on? If you have not that's okay but that's why the West Carleton and Carp 4-H Clubs have joined together to create a 4-H Barn Quilt Club.  The first meeting was held at the Carp Fair grounds on March 27th .  Jean Sullivan, Lynn Hudson and Debbie Caldwell will be leading the club and guiding us to create our very own barn quilts.

The meeting started of with parliamentary procedures including the 4-H pledge and getting to know one another. We elected our executive by voting. Our president is Brittany Caldwell, our Vice President is Devon dean, our Secretary is Micheal Cousens, and our Press/Media Reporter is Kaitlin Cavanagh. 

We learned about the history of barn quilting and why people create barn quilts. Most people think of quilts being sewn or stitched with fabric but barn quilts are constructed of layers of paint on a piece of wood to the creator or owners desired size. Some tell a story, tradition or history of the property or barn while others are many colours and shapes creating a large beautiful piece of art to show off.

Just to loosen up and get to know each other we did an exercise where Lynn passed out boxes of Smarties and told us to pick out a colour, then with the colour we had chosen there were questions we had to answer. Some had to sing their favourite TV show song while others had to name their family members. As we munched away on our smarties we watched some videos on how to make barn quilts. 

As refreshments were handed out we were nearing the end of the meeting. Before the meeting ended though we had the opportunity to create some masterpieces with our food! An assortment of Triscuits and cheese were placed on trays and handed out to three teams. One team made '4-H' in cheese with a neat Triscuits background. Another second team constructed a design with '4-H' also but it had some unique and different quirks to it. The third tray had an 'abstract' array of crackers and cheese to let your imagination go wild to picture what the piece was. Who ever thought a group of kids could have such fun with some cheese and crackers?

The meeting was then adjourned and we all headed home with Smarties, Triscuits and cheese in our bellies! 

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