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Breaking Down Communication Stereotypes

Submitted by Nicole Shelley
Grey 4-H - Hanover 4-H Communications
(Posted May 23, 2013)

Communications. It is amazing how one word has many stereotypes and has the ability scare kids (and adults too!). But through the 4-H Communications club, members learn that there is nothing to fear of having good communication skills and being able to use them properly. Communication isn't just about doing speeches and demonstrations; it is actually every aspect of our daily lives. From explaining how something is done, to acting out a skit; from an interview for a job to impromptu questions; from giving accurate directions and even making a PowerPoint presentation, our communication skills are exercised every day.

The Hanover 4-H Communications Club’s second year running started on April 1st, 2013 with over 20 members. For the first couple of meetings, the members learned strong communication skills simply through playing interactive games. Team building, communication, leadership, and creativity all played a leading role in activities such as pan mimes, acting spirals, fun explanations and demos, and learning to properly introduce other people. Members exercised skills they didn't even know they had through interviews, infomercials, and soundscapes (stories told through sound with no dialog). Keep your eyes open to see these amazing young people showing off their communication skills in the community, demonstrating the 4-H motto “Learn to Do by Doing”.

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