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A Fun Club for All Girls to Enjoy!

Submitted by Melanie Stewart
Perth 4-H - Girls Night Out 4H
(Posted April 21, 2013)

Girls Night Out 4-H club ran from the beginning of February to late March with meetings approximately every two weeks at St. Paul's Lutheran Church near Gowanstown.

President - Tamara Andreissen

Vice President- Brooklyn Johnson

Secretary- Geneva Perkin

Press Reporters- Erica Klumpenhouwer and Melanie Stewart

This fun and exciting all girls club focuses on everything girls love! From fashion to fruit smoothies to hair and makeup to exercise and self esteem. On the first meeting we talked briefly about fashion (saving the rest for later on in a different meeting) and different fashion for different people. We even had our own mini fashion show using materials such as newspaper, tape, tissue paper and ribbon to make an outfit. Our second meeting was all about ourselves, being positive, and learning about self esteem and how to be confident about ourselves. The next meeting we split into two groups and half of the club went to Shoppers Drug Mart in Listowel and got "all dolled up" by the experts int the Cosmetics Department along with some helpful advice about applying makeup. The other half stayed at the church and learned all about hair and how to do different hairstyles. The two groups switched so everybody could join in the fun. One of our leaders, Terri Kraus took before and after pictures of every member at this meeting so we could see the changes. The next two meetings were also very exciting as the 4th meeting took place at Dynafit in Listowel where everybody enjoyed getting some exercises and and having fun. the 5th meeting we all took a road trip to Levi's and Laura's Fashion Store at the St, Jacob's Outlet Mall. Both places everybody got a chance to look at different fashion ideas and find something we all liked. At Laura's, the manager taught us how to build a wardrobe and how to create a wardrobe by mixing and marching with 15 items. The final meeting of Girls Night Out took place back at the church and the main focus was on being healthy. We made fruit smoothies and Heather Mann from the Listowel Health Unit came and talked to us about how to be a healthy girl for our age group. Two popular activities that were done at almost all the meetings were painting our nails and having a "dance off" (a club member brought in music for the whole club to dance to).

This was a very fun and information packed club that every girl really enjoyed. Each member had a different aspect that was their favourite out of everything that we learned about and participated in.

This club would not have been a success without the Cosmetics Department at Shoppers Drug mart , Cheryl Cherrey who talked about hair, Tamara from Dynafit all from Listowel; Peggy Rose the manager at Laura's and Heather Mann from the Listowel Health Unit. A big thank you goes out to all these people/businesses for your time, commintment and hard work to make this club a success. An even bigger thank you goes out to our three leaders, Terri Kraus, Carolyn Van der Heiden and Angela Schneider. This club would not have been such a great success without all three of you putting in so much time, commitment, planning, collaboration, and hard work. Thank you so much!

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