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Touch Quilts and Twiddlemuffs

Submitted by Halle Horn
Perth 4-H - 4H Quilting and Crochet Club
(Posted October 14, 2018)

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 the North Perth Quilting and Crochet Club had their first meeting. This club is full of potential with both first time and long time quilter and crocheters. This club is getting the next generation involved in these homemaking traditions with a twist. In partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society of Perth County, this 4-H group has decided to make their final projects for people with alzheimer's. Every member has started to create their first of two projects: a touch quilt (a quilt made of multiple different feeling fabrics) that stimulates the brain. Over the next few weeks the members of the North Perth Quilting and Crochet Club will continue to work on their touch quilts until completion.

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