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Cooking Club : Milk Makes its Better

Submitted by Evelyn Seemann
York 4-H - Queensville-Belhaven Life Skills
(Posted April 21, 2013)

On February 26, we had our first meeting at Karen's house, one of our leaders. Our other leader opened the meeting with the 4-H pledge, then we played a fun icebreaker game to get to know each other

After the icebreaker game was finished, one of our leaders, Marion, talked about calcium and why its it’s good for you. then we opened the elections and started to nominate. Once the elections were closed, we started to cook.

We got divided in groups of 2 or 3 and then received a recipe to follow. It was so much fun to cook and bake! Once we finished making the foods, we all got to try the food! We made lots of good recipes, such as French toast, Mexican salad, Nachos, Salsa nacho dip, Bruschetta bread and Pizzadillas with red sauce.

While we were eating, we judged the foods 1st to 5th and explained why we judged them like so, then our president thanked the leaders.

Keep drinking your milk!

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