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Photography Club

Submitted by Samara Aabo and Tia Seemann
York 4-H - Capture the moment within 4-H
(Posted May 5, 2013)

“Capture the moment within 4-H”, York Photography Club

We started photography club on April 5, 2013. First we opened the meeting with the 4H pledge. Then we did an ice breaker game to get to know everyone. Next were elections! Our club leader AnnaLena talked about how we take pictures with our cameras. Then we had some fun! We got in groups of two and turned off the lights. We captured images of light created by our flashlights. It was magical! After we had snack and we ended the meeting.

At our second meeting we opened the meeting with the 4-H pledge, and did a quick review on the last meeting. Then everyone did some judging on the photos we took, we judged them in classes, everyone got a turn and had fun. Later we all went in to one of our leaders studios and learned about lighting, angles and how to take portraits. Everybody took photos of each other with a professional camera and dressed up with hats, and got to use photography equipment. It was a blast! We had snacks and closed the meeting.


By Samara Aabo and Tia Seemann

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