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Field Trip to Alliston Potato Festival

Submitted by Caitlin Gaudet
Durham East 4-H - Garden Club
(Posted August 26, 2015)

On Saturday August 8th, the members of the Garden Club met with the leaders at Darlington Arena to catch the bus to the Potato Festival in Alliston. This was considered a double meeting. On the bus ride one of the members gave us each a copy of an old potato recipe book from 1918 that she had found in the attic of their old farmhouse! What a find! The book is full of different ways they used to eat potatoes. The story behind the book was that in wartime, people were encouraged to grow potatoes to replace much of the wheat flour that goes into making bread, therefore saving money in hard times. Canada was exporting wheat to other countries to make money. A great little history lesson! Our member baked some potato cookies from the recipe book and brought along lots to share. Also, we played a few games of ‘Go For The Gold’ with the other members we picked up from Sunderland. After warning the bus driver that she would be using a microphone, our senior member, Katie was the adjudicator for the games. When we finally got to the festival, we split up into groups to discover that the festival really has nothing to do with potatoes! The only reason it is called a ‘Potato Festival’, was because Alliston has many potato farms. We all saw some interesting things such as a lumberjack show and a car show. The weather was nice and sunny and many of us returned with small souvenirs of our day.

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