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Art Adventure

Submitted by Zoe Ducheck
York 4-H - Social Club
(Posted September 5, 2018)

On Wednesday, May 23rd the York 4-H Social Club spent an evening at the Art Gallery. We met at the Old Town Hall in Newmarket to see the “Beam On” Exhibit. This exhibit was the second exhibit put on by Mindful Project and featured 31 works from a variety of artists. The purpose of the exhibit was to help bring awareness to mental health and its connection to art. All of the artists had personal connections to mental illness. There was also a “hands on” section where guests could create their own art and experience the positive mental health benefits of making art. While 4-H members were in the gallery we followed etiquette rules like; no running in the gallery, using our “library voices” and not touching the art. I would recommend a visit to your local art gallery to take in some of the beauty that art brings.


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