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Balderson 4-H Paint and Craft Club!

Submitted by Tandra Drew
Lanark 4-H - Balderson Paint and Craft Club
(Posted March 11, 2018)

This club was held in Balderson at the church on Wednesday evenings. For this club we did four projects over six weeks. These projects will consist of making an "empty your pockets" board with a mason jar for items that you take out of your pockets when you through your clothes in the wash; a night sky screen with a tree(s); a quote board; and a quote plaque! At the end of the six weeks we will hold an art show for our parents and families.

At our first meeting with did our elections as always, and our President was Martina Reyes, Vice-President was Abby, and Secretary was Cheyenne! We had two seperate reporters this time and that was Robert Brown and myself! We discussed what we will be doing over the next few weeks and started with our projects.

Our second and third meetings we worked on our pocket boards, our sky paintings and our quote canvas. This involved painting, getting instructions and getting things ready for some of the finishing touches to our projects.

Our fourth meeting we put on our vinyl stickies on our pocket boards, put the stars on our paintings, painted the letters on our quote canvasses and painted our plaques with black paint!

The fifth meeting we screwed on our jars to our pocket boards! We also put some finishing touches on a few of our projects. Things are looking great with everyone's projects! We are getting excited for our art show. We enjoyed our snack tonight of Hawaiian punch and cookies.

During our last meeting on March 6, 2018, we had our achievement evening, which was our art show! For the first part of our meeting we did any final and finishing touches we still had to do, set up the tables and put of works of art out on easels (that were graciously donated for our 4-H group to use; it was greatly appreciated). After everything was set up, at around 7:30pm our parents and families came and they looked at all of our art projects. We shared some yummy snacks the leaders put out, some of these snacks were cookies, tarts, coconut macarons and juice. Everyone seem to have a great time.

On behalf of myself and our great 4-H group I'd like to thank Beth Yuill, Sherry Jordan, and Kim Dowdall for being such great leaders. If it was not for you, us kids would not get to have such wonderful learning experiences.... so thank you! I would also like to give two special thank you shout outs to the Balderson Church for generously allowing us to have our 4-H meetings there and to the kind people who were in generous donation of the use of easels to not only display our art work but to use during the making of our creations as well.






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