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Shake Shake Shake...Belly Dancing 4-Fitness!

Submitted by Rachel Balkwill
Essex 4-H - Fitness 4-Health 4-H Fitness Club
(Posted March 30, 2012)

Shake, shake, shake... Shake, shake, shake! Shake your “HIPS”? Yes hips people! Let’s get it straight we're talking about Belly Dancing!

On March 21st the Fitness 4-Health Club met together at the Essex Community Centre for a fun filled night of belly dancing! We were lucky enough to be accompanied by belly dancing professional and instructor the lovely Aiyanna.

To clears things up for us Aiyanna first explained that the secret to belly dancing is all in your hips, and partially your knees. Not your belly! We learned a little bit about the history of belly dancing and the fact that belly dancing originally originated in Egypt, where it is still wildly popular today. We were then equipped with an awesomely jingly ‘coin belt’ tied around our waste and scarves we were finally ready to do some dancing!

Aiyanna had high expectations of us that night and we learned lots fun crazy moves like the maya serena, hip bump, shimmy, chest lifts, vale dancing and even the Egyptian backwards walk. We were definitely well taught and all looking like experts by the end of the meeting!

With a lot of fun and a lot of laughter (and a great workout) we all had a really fun night and it’s all thanks to the help of Aiyanna. Members were reminded of our between meeting fitness walk/workout at Lakeside Park in Kingsville (March 28th) and of our next official meeting back at the BeachWalk Fitness Centre in Essex on April 5th.

Members of the Fitness 4-Health 4-H Fitness Club are already showing great fitness improvement and are very excited about participating in the MSWALK in Leamington April 22nd. If you would like to join our team or sponsor our team please visit the MS Canada website at www.mssociety.ca/mswalk

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