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First Meeting of Birdwatching and Hiking Club

Submitted by Trinity Skinner
Perth 4-H - North Perth Birdwatching and Hiking Club
(Posted May 26, 2015)

The first meeting of the North Perth 4-H Bird Watching and Hiking Club was Saturday May 23 at Northwoods School. Elections were held and the president of the club is Halle Horn, vice-president is Dayna Nichol, secretary is Valerie Hamilton, photographer is Alisha Shtovba and press reporter is me, Trinity Skinner. We went for a hike around the school property and we saw deer and racoon tracks on the ground near the water. We also saw two beaver dams. We heard a bird that we think was telling the other birds that people were here. We then saw a red winged bird. We crossed the pond on the bridge and saw some cattails. We got to pick some and they felt soft. We had an activity of judging watermelon, apples, oranges and granola bars. Then we had snack and played a couple games. It was then time to go home. Our next meeting will be Saturday June 13 at one of our leader's homes.

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