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4H Breakfast Bonanza in Balderson Teaching Kids How To Cook Healthy Meals!

Submitted by Tandra Drew
Lanark 4-H - Breakfast Bonanza
(Posted March 11, 2018)

This was an exciting club that taught us how to make healthy and nutritious breakfast meals. Each meal was quick and simple and for the most part delicious. Since we all had our own likes and dislikes, we liked some recipes and not so much others depending on our tastes. Our President and Vice-President for this club are Martina and Jasmine Reyes.

Our first meeting for Breakfast Club the theme was eggs. We learned how to make fried eggs, devilled eggs and omelettes. We could choose our omelettes’ toppings’; we had options of cheese, peppers and ham! We used different types of eggs as well such as chicken eggs, duck eggs and quail eggs through out our yummy projects.

During our next several meetings we did something different during each meeting. For example, we split into three groups and had three stations. The groups rotated through a pancake, french toast, and a waffle station. There were also toppings such as syrup, whipped cream and berries that we could use to decorate the items we made. Whereas during another meeting we made waffle kabobs, pancake kabobs and yummy smoothies. For the kabobs we had toppings such as marshmellows, chocolate, strawberry, caramel sauce, and fruit. As our meetings went on we also made personal quiches, which are pretty much omelettes in a pie crust; so simple and easy. For the most part most people enjoyed the quiches. During our last meeting we made four breakfast casseroles. There was a baby tater casserole, a chocolate chip and croissant one, a raspberry one and a potatoe/bacon/egg one as well. Each of us also made hot chocolate reindeer which was fun. The best part of our meetings is that we always get to try the yummy creations we make—everyone loves this part!

A big thank you to our leaders Kim Dowdall, Sherry Jordan and Beth Yuill. If it was not for their them donating their time our club would not be possible!


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