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Chocolate Club Gallery Night

Submitted by Katrina & Mattia Seemann
York 4-H - Sharon Life Skills Chocolate Club
(Posted September 30, 2014)

After all of our Chocolate Club meetings were concluded, we held our achievement, which took place in June. We had our combined Achievement Gallery Night with the Photography Club at Ravenshoe United Church, and everyone had a great time. All of the Chocolate Club members were assigned a chocolate dish that they brought to the achievement and the photography members brought great photographs they had taken, so that members, friends and family members from both clubs had a chance to see what the other clubs was doing through the year.

As everyone began to arrive, we started our agenda for the night. The leaders created a chocolate trivia and the members asked the audience the questions. Everyone learned lots about chocolate. Later on the Photography Club members each presented a short project on photography or cameras. Near the end, everyone watched a video compiled from moments filmed at each club that our leaders had taken during the meetings. It made us laugh when we recognized ourselves, sometimes doing funny things.

Once the video was finished our leaders had door prizes for the members! There was recipe books and chocolate fondue sets for a few lucky winners. Once it was all finished everyone enjoyed fancy chocolate snacks made by the members and had delicious drinks in fancy glasses. The walls displayed a beautiful photo gallery. This night was very elegant and enjoyable and the club was too!

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