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Cool Cool Riding

Submitted by Caitlin Gaudet
Durham East 4-H - Bike Club
(Posted May 29, 2015)

On a beautifully cool and bugless evening, the 4-H Bike Club rode through the trails of Long Sault Conservation Area. One group took the “Rabbit Loop”, and the other took “Barred Owl Loop” and “Wild Turkey” trail. A few members of the Barred Owl group took a wrong turn and had to pedal up a really big hill! It was a bit of a climb at the beginning, but really nice twisty turns and shady trees throughout the trails, made for a very fun ride going back down! Both groups rode a couple of loops and practiced their riding techniques along the way. There were a few minor crashes with one member’s seat flying off and another doing a 360 off a rock, but we all made it back safely! Finishing a little early, we all enjoyed granola bars and juice, chatting about another successful trail ride in the woods.

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