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Country Strong Boer Goat Club 4H

Submitted by Tandra Drew
Lanark 4-H - Carleton Place and Area 4H for Boers
(Posted September 17, 2018)

Country Strong Boer Goat Club 4-H

By: Tandra Drew


The evening of April 19, 2018, we had our first meeting of the 4-H Boer Goat club at Country Strong-James Boer Goats, in one of Sarah and Marshall James barns. During this club we are going to learn all about the Boer goat, how to choose the perfect goat and what to watch for if they get sick and how to show them! To get to know the farm and each other a list was given to all of us, we were separated into groups of about three with a leader, and sent off on a scavenger hunt! As a group we had to find and count items and animals around the farm; we then recorded this on our sheets. We then went back to the barn and bottle fed baby goats or kids. Their names are Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Mia! They are very adorable and small! During our first meeting we also did our council elections; our results are: Our president is Chad Richmond, Vice President is Pyper Brandino, Treasurer Josephine Parkinson, Secretary is Victoria Scott, and Reporter Tandra Drew.

At our next meeting, we got to choose our kids! We had to pick the kid that we felt had good confirmation, and ability to produce whether it be for breeding or meat. Though, most of us just picked the ones we thought were the cutest, which how could you not with those long floppy ears, cute little noses and wagging tails. Once, we were done picking the goats we wanted to show, we had to write down their tag numbers, names and other information about them and ourselves. One of our members, Chad, got to pick the name for his goat. We are all waiting to hear what he picks to name it!

Our third meeting, was our first practice meeting! The entire group is excited to put our goats on leads for the first time! Most of the goats were misbehaving by rolling around and jumping in the lane, especially Juniper’s goat. Rainbow Dash (the one I chose) was being good at first, but the others were being a naughty influence. We taught the goats to let us walk them around and they got use to being on leads. It was a lot of fun! All of our kids (bucklings or doelings) are getting big!

As our meetings continued, we walked and trained our goats Thursday evenings at Country Strong-James Boer Goats on highway 7. During our practices, we raced our goats on occasion in three categories: everyone, boy members, then girl members. Most of the time our goats were pretty good during the fun races. Some of us would also practice small patterns and “obedience” training to practice for our upcoming achievement show at the Middleville fair. Our club also did mock-shows, where Sarah told us what the judge(s) will be looking for and what we have to do at the show. We also practice stancing our kids, which is where we place their legs in the proper places to be judged and how to stand quietly with patience to wait for the judge.

One of our club meetings we arrived at the James farm early in the morning where we learned how to bathe a goat. Our group got to bathe Big Mia! We also got to learn and help in clipping Big Mia and AppleJack as well. We didn’t do any lead training today, but rather learning about how to prepare the goats for an actual show.

Also, during many of our meetings as us human kids tried and worked with our goats, our parents got many good laughs and a comedy show! Even at times our parents walked our goats. We had run away goats, lazy goats, defiant goats and goats that would “scream” at you because you know… who wants to work? Though, all the bucklings and doelings were always happy to race back to their pens after our practices were finished.

September 13, 2018, was our last official meeting at the James Farm before our Achievement show Saturday in Middleville, Ontario. We commenced by promenading in the lane. We rehearsed stancing our goats, and had our parents “show” our goats at the end. Marshall, was also trimming our goats hoofs so they would look as best as possible for our show. We were given goodie bags, which contained a beautiful bag of the 4-H colours, crest and our names, our wrists band to enter the fair, our meal tickets, and a beautiful show shirt with the 4-H Club logo! We also did a draw as well for an extra meal ticket and bracelet! Fun was had by all, and we learned a lot during this club!

September 15, 2018, was our Achievement show at the Middleville Fair! When we arrived, we got our goats ready, put on our leads, and changed into our show clothes. Everyone, was excited and some of us new to showing goats were nervous. Logan Deugo got first in both junior breed standard Confirmation and Showmanship! Way to go Logan! For the Senior, Josephine won first in Breed Standard Confimation. Juniper won first in the Senior Showmanship. Way to go girls! Thank you to Ed Cavanaugh, who came out to judge our goats! Everyone did a great job at the show.

As our club is now at the end for another year, I would like extend on behalf of our entire group, a huge thank you to Sarah and Marshall James at Country Strong - James Boer Goats for their dedication to the 4-H kids, both human and four legged!







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