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Digital Photography

Submitted by Kaitlyn Elg
Perth 4-H - North Perth Digital Photography
(Posted May 23, 2014)

North Perth Digital Photography


Meeting #1-press report


On Thursday May 15, 2014 the first meeting of the awesome photography club for North Perth was held at our terrific leader Nancy Rothwell’s home. Our other intelligent leader is Debbie Riddell, who has lots of experience with photography and cameras.

The members who attended the first meeting of the skillful club were Anne Rothwell, Haleigh Royce, Tracy Stark, Emily Royce, Emily Skinner, Kaitlyn Elg and Joy Henhoffer.

To start our meeting lovely leader Debbie Riddell explained to us about the different types of cameras, lenses, and the different settings on our cameras, whether digital or point and shoot. She helped us understand parts of the camera are sort of like the parts of the body on the human.

We had elections, our president is Anne Rothwell, vice-president is Haleigh Royce, secretary is Joy Henhoffer and press reporter Kaitlyn Elg. We all agreed we should look into entering things in local fairs and entering some of our work put together in a display board.

Then we looked to cookbooks and pointed out ones that appealed to us. We payed attention to how the photographer made this appealing. We had a snack which was banana chocolate chip bread with cheese and juice, which was generously provided by our wonderful leader Nancy Rothwell.

We then tried to layout some food to make it appealing to the audience. Our newly selected president opened the meeting with the 4-H pledge then closed it with the 4-h motto, after our organized secretary Joy did roll call. All the members left with more knowledge of photography and anxious to know what exciting things we would all learn at the next meeting.

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