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A Quick Trip to the Netherlands

Submitted by Mary-Evelyn
Essex 4-H - Spice Club
(Posted June 18, 2012)

Along the last leg of our journey around the world we paused in Holland to taste Dutch and Indonesian food. We learned, that in Holland, they do not eat a lot of meat. However, dairy products are a main staple.

Mrs. Matthews purchased some food items for us to sample while we cooked. We tried two types of cheese that were developed by the Dutch, Gouda and Edam. Salty licorice is a traditional Dutch candy that is said to have an unusual flavor. When everyone tasted it the reactions were quite funny. Another thing we tried was Salami. We all thought it was pretty good, until we were told that it was horse meat. UGH!!!!

With eight recipes to complete in short order, both groups started cooking. As an appetizer we had Kroketten, a tasty mixture of chicken and seasonings coated in breadcrumbs and fried. Our Indonesian main course was called Nasi Goereng. This one-pot meal is made from rice, small pieces of meat and different vegetables cut up. One of the deserts that we created was boeterkoek, tasting a bit like shortbread but with an almond flavor. As a beverage we drank warmed, spicy milk called slemp, which is usually only served at the Sint Nicolaas Fest in December. Although it was a hot sticky day, the end result of slaving over the stove was so worth it.

Achievement day is next Sunday (June, 24) at the Matthews home. We will be looking forward a Hawaiian Luau and choosing the executives for the next spice club.

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