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Our Knitting & Crocheting Adventure!

Submitted by Juliana Willemsma
Essex 4-H - 4-H Knitting & Crocheting Club
(Posted February 10, 2012)

The first meeting of the 4-H Knitting and Crocheting Club was held on Monday, Feb 6th at the Essex Civic Center. The meeting was called to order and then we said the 4-H pledge. Then our two youth leaders, Meghan and Jennifer lead us in a game where we each pulled a piece of yarn. The pieces were different lengths. We had to introduce ourselves. The longer the piece of yarn the more things you had to say about yourself.

The leaders told us what information we needed to keep in our books and what we needed to do to complete the club. Next we held our elections. Our president is Emma, our vice president is Maggie and our secretary is Jessica. Samantha is our treasurer and I am the press reporter. We will choose our club name at the next meeting so we can think of some good ideas this week.

We divided into our two groups. Miss Carol and Miss Joan helped the members who are crocheting. Miss Mary helped the members who are knitting.

We adjourned our meeting at 9pm. And then had a yummy snack. Our next meeting is on Monday, Feb 13th. Emma is brining our snack for the next meeting.

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