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The Spice Girls

Submitted by Sam Grant
Essex 4-H - Baking Club
(Posted February 19, 2012)

The first meeting of the 4-H Baking Club was held on Saturday February 18, 2012 at the Agriculture Building at 10:30 am. We began the meeting by reciting the 4-H Pledge. Once we introduced ourselves we started to work. Emma Anger, the youth leader, demonstrated how to make Whole Wheat Twist Bread, and then we each tried to knead the bread dough which was not an easy task. Next, we placed the dough in the oven. Our club split up into two groups, and started the preparations for lunch. One group made pizzas, while the other group made Happy Face Apple Muffins. Lunch was delicious. Next, we elected our executives. This year the President is Abby, the Vice- President is Kyla, the Treasurer is Sam, and the Photographers are Jordyn and Arielle. We also decided that the name for the club this year is “The Spice Girls” to correspond with the theme of the Harrow Fair this year. Then we watched a presentation by one of our leaders on the different types of flours, as well as starches, so that we could see the different textures of the ingredients; like potato starch, and Whole Wheat Quinoa just to name a few. Once the presentation was finished we tasted the Twist Bread with Raspberry Jam and Butter. Following this, we mixed together the ingredients for freezer bread which we will continue to make at the next meeting to be held on Saturday February 25th at 10:30 am. The meeting was adjourned at 3 pm.

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