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“PTO Safety & Loading Restraints”

Submitted by Hanna Willemsma
Essex 4-H - 4-H Farm Safety Club
(Posted March 19, 2012)

The 4th meeting of the 4-H Farm Safety club was held on March 15th at the Essex Civic Centre. Juliana opened the meeting and the members recited the 4-H pledge. For roll call each member answered the question "Do you know anyone you has been injured by farm machinery" The secretary's report was given by Mikayla. Lacey read her treasurer's report.

The members discussed making a display board for the fairs and decided not to make one this year. The members discussed ideas for a game for this year's achievement day program. Meeting 5 was to be a field trip to Aylmer to a large farm dealership on Saturday. Ms Bonnie announced that the trip would be postponed as only two members could attend.

The members learned about safety around PTO equipment. PTO stands for power take off shaft. The PTO takes the power from the tractor to the implement like a manure spreader. A PTO is like a drive shaft that connects the engine to the transmission of a car except it is exposed. PTO shafts should have a shield around them. This reduces the chance of injury. Be very cautious around a PTO. PTOs can sometimes start by themselves due to vibrations or mechanical problems. Lose clothing can become entangled in a PTO. I farmer lost his arm after the wind blew his shoelace toward a PTO and the shoelace got tangled in the PTO.

Safety when baling was discussed. Caution MUST be used around baling equipment. When moving round bales, equipment used must have rollover protection. Loaders should have restraining safety device to prevent the bale from sliding backwards. We learned about two accidents concerning baling. A farmer removed the front guard on his baler for repairs and didn't replace it. He may have tried to fix the baler when it got stuck with out turning it off. When he was found he was inside a bale.

It isn't just the farmer that needs to be careful. Anyone living near a farm needs to be careful. A person was walking along the side of the road. A wagon was moving round bales and they shifted and fell off at the top of a hill. The rolled down real fast and ran over the person.

The meeting ended with a game and snack.

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