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Submitted by Rachel Balkwill
Essex 4-H - 4-H Fitness Club
(Posted March 6, 2012)

Have you been keeping up your news year resolution? The 4-H Fitness Club has, by holding their very first meeting "ever" on Monday February 27th at the Essex County Civic Center. Like every 4-H meeting our club started with the 4-H pledge and then member introductions. With introductions getting us to know each other a little better, our ten present members and three leaders all participated in a little game called the "Human Knot". This game consisted of all of players standing in a circle and grabbing the hands of two individuals in no particular order thus creating a human knot, the goal being to untangle themselves and end up in a circle without completely letting go of each other's hands. Well our first round seem to go flawlessly our second attempt proved otherwise yet amusing members all the same; we called it a 'cats game' after a rather lengthy attempt.

With a little bit of fun had it was time to get down to business and hold elections. This year's elections determined that our fist ever president would be Abby Anger, Vice-President (first year member) Sarah Bonyai, Secretary Alexandra Lockey, Press Reporter myself Rachel Balkwill, Treasurer Lacey Wolters and photographer Maddie Peters. This year we also decided to keep the creative name of "Fitness 4-Heath", created by our imaginative leaders D-Anne Peters and Anne Conrad.

This year seems full of possibilities for the young 4-H Fitness Club with trips to fitness clubs and other alternative fitness opportunities for members such as swimming, boxing and maybe even some Wi Fit? With numerous ideas from all members it's sure to be a successful club filled with goals as well as healthy food tips. Members will meet next Thursday March 8th at Beachwalk Fitness Club 7:00 p.m. sharp, beginning their journey to healthy living and fit goal.

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