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Giant Pumpkin Club

Submitted by Kayla Emmerton
Peel 4-H - The Pumpkin Etc.!
(Posted October 24, 2016)

The Pumpkin Etc.!

4-Her's rolled up their socks and got to work the last couple of months as they participated in one of the local 4-H clubs, The Pumpkin Etc. This annual club allows members to experience the art of growing vegetables (and fruits!) in their own backyards. There’s just one catch- it's giant style! All of the crops that are grown by members use special types of seeds that make the crops giant. At the end of the season the crops are entered into local fairs where they are judged and weighed to see which is the biggest. This year, the club grew Giant Pumpkins, Giant Cabbages, Giant Corn, and Giant Sunflowers. We also got to visit some local giant crops “gurus” and learn their tricks of growing the biggest crop you can. If you would like to see the 4-Her's huge crops visit our website http://www.4-hontario.ca/4h-in-my-area/peel.aspx to see lots of pictures and find more information about 4-H and other clubs offered in Peel.

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